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International fairs:
big challenges and unique opportunities

Taking part in a fair in Germany calls for considerable organizational farsightedness on the part of all concerned. Full information about all relevant circumstances and precise project management are essential for the development and uncompromising implementation of a comprehensive strategic concept. Moreover, the members of staff representing their company, organization or association at the fair must be fully prepared to communicate with visitors and cope with potential cultural differences.

The aim of Akademie escolar is to optimize the success of trade-fair participations through seminars and training courses – not just in Germany and Europe but anywhere in the world. Thus, trainers and lecturers of Akademie escolar have passed on valuable information about taking part in fairs in countries as far apart as Egypt and Brazil, Tunisia and China.

Whether you are planning to exhibit at a fair in Frankfurt or to take part in an event elsewhere, e.g., in Hanover, Munich, Cologne or Düsseldorf, we are the people to contact for professional support.

Our trade-fair experts will be pleased to come to you and hold the course required at your premises. You invite your employees, members or exhibition staff – we will liaise with you to compile the target-group oriented content and create your individual seminar.

Inhouse training

Individual training courses – specially tailored to your requirements

Whatever the areas in which you would like to see your staff better qualified – we will devise an appropriate seminar, include all the material you wish to cover and ensure that it corresponds completely to the targets that you set.

We provide the following services to assist with your staff training, from the initial idea through to the planning, execution and follow-up:

  • Development of an individualised concept for your course
  • Rapid implementation of your ideas
  • Comprehensive advice and assistance during the whole process
  • Appointment of experienced trainers
  • Comprehensive seminar materials

Inhouse training FIT FOR FAIR

How about training your staff in preparation for their work on your exhibition stand?

Then you need look no further!

We will provide a tailor-made concept and establish, in consultation with you, the subsequent steps required to put it into practice.

From the initial idea through to the planning, execution and follow-up, we can provide the following services to assist with your staff training.

  • Development of an individualized concept for your course
  • Rapid implementation of your ideas
  • Comprehensive advice and assistance during the whole process
  • Appointment of experienced trainers and provision of comprehensive seminar materials

Group sizes:

The ideal group size is around 12 participants. For smaller groups and individuals, we offer special coaching sessions.

We have sufficient numbers of trainers available for you to cater for large – concurrently held – training courses on exhibition technique.

Why not give us a call? We shall be delighted to create an individual concept, tailored to your ideas and needs.

Dates / Venue:
Whether in Barcelona, Basel, Cairo, New York, Tokyo or Munich – we normally run our exhibition training courses inhouse in the particular company concerned. We are equally happy, however, to arrange rooms at the Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre or in a conference hotel.

Training language:
We run courses in both German and English, always with native speakers. We should be happy to book a simultaneous translator for you in your preferred language.

Contents and objectives:

Establishing professional contacts
What eye contact can achieve

Elation not frustration
Good moods for discussion

Conducting negotiations with a plan and a purpose
How exhibition contacts become customers

Etiquette on the exhibition stand
Make a positive impression with style and charm

Why you should book this seminar

Polish up the verbal and non-verbal skills of your exhibition team.

In our “Fit for the Show” inhouse training, your colleagues will acquire all the necessary tools for their work on the exhibition stand:

  • They will get to know the secrets of success in making contact with people and winning over new customers.
  • They will learn how to “add value” at the fair through the excellence of discussion techniques.
  • They will practice asking questions that draw people into a conversation and will get practical help with the professional presentation of products and services.
  • And, last but not least, your staff will come to recognise that only a well-motivated team will be a successful one.

Your staff

  • will learn ways of effectively establishing contact and actively engaging visitors in dialogue will practise the rhetorical and discursive techniques that foster sales
  • will develop strategies for safely and securely fielding visitors’ questions and objections
  • will gain more confidence in dealing with visitors
  • will know how to present themselves personally in the right way

Our trainers use the most modern and efficient methods for communicating knowledge and skills. Our courses lay great stress on making the process enjoyable and engaging, using numerous role play situations. Participants will receive constructive feedback from our course leaders, together with suggestions for improvement.

Seminar objectives:
In the inhouse training sessions, your staff will sharpen their communication skills. After the sessions they will know how to awaken visitors’ interest, engage them in discussion and open a dialogue that promotes sales and acquires new customers.

Trade-fair planning from A to Z

Planning, organising and taking part in trade fairs in Germany and worldwide – a strategic approach

You know that trade fairs are an effective but, at the same time cost-intensive marketing instrument. So it is very much a question of aiming for the very best results from the show, with a frequently limited budget. Learn how to stage your brand in a way that is both affordable and practical and how to leave an indelible impression on your target group. Learn too, how to confidently master each step of your project for the trade fair, from the all-important decision criteria and the kinds of communication required to a contemporary design for your stand, specifically tailored to your target group. At the same time, you will get an insight into the current trends in the exhibition sector and acquire some valuable check-lists. That way, you will keep your budgets and schedules under control and will be able to help those manning your stand become a powerful and effective ‘dream team’.

Seminar topics
The A to Z of trade shows: from registration to the achievement of targets

  • Defining targets and target groups
  • Your individual concept for the show; the guiding thread for managing process and project
    Choosing and budgeting for appropriate trade fairs, congresses and exhibitions
  • Using benchmark and selection criteria from the company’s point of view
  • Budgeting for events and consistency in monitoring costs.
    Stand construction; the challenges involved in the practicalities of presenting your brand
  • From the briefing stage to final acceptance of the stand created by external providers
  • What makes your stand an eye-catcher
  • Everything perfectly planned: functional requirements
  • Choosing the exhibits: selection criteria, bearing in mind the slogan or motto chosen for the fair
    Acquiring visitors: the best way to get your target group onto your stand
  • The perfectly planned advertising campaign.
  • Distinguishing yourself from the rest through multiple & unusual promotional invitations.
  • If you don’t blow your own trumpet, no-one else will: press relations, too, are a vital part of the trade fair.
  • Online presence related to the show.
  • Social media for visitor advertising 2.0: acquiring visitors via Xing, Twitter, Facebook and the like.

The staff on your stand: fit for the fair

  • Preparation and briefing for the show
  • Coaching and motivation for stand personnel – the leader of the stand team
    Consistent and thorough follow up to the fair
  • Planning and realisation: from the pro-forma for notes on negotiations to the quick-response thank-you letter.

Keeping tabs on progress and success at the show

  • Various approaches ranging from visitor questionnaires to evaluation of contacts at the trade fair.
  • The modern ‘final report’ for trade fairs.

Who should attend?
The seminar is aimed at people who are new to trade fairs as well as at project directors responsible for trade-fair appearances, who already have some experience of organising and attending trade fairs and want to update their knowledge and skills. It is relevant to all staff working in the fields of company communications, trade fairs and congresses, marketing, sales and sales promotion.

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